Nebraska Revised Statute 46-254

Chapter 46


Interfering with waterworks; taking water without authority; penalty.

Any person owning or in control of any ditch, reservoir, or other device for appropriating or using water who willfully opens, closes, changes, or interferes with any headgate or controlling gate, or by any method or means takes any water from any natural stream, reservoir, or other source, through any ditch or canal to any land or lands, or allows the same to be done, or uses or allows to be used any water upon any land or lands, or for any other purpose whatsoever, without authority from the Department of Natural Resources, or who stores water in or releases water from a reservoir other than in compliance with orders of the Director of Natural Resources or his or her representative, shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor. Each day that the water is allowed to run without authority from the department shall constitute a separate offense.


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Cross References

  • Drover of livestock, duty to prevent damages, see section 54-305.