Nebraska Revised Statute 46-235.04

Chapter 46


Induced ground water recharge appropriations; administration; transfer of priority dates; procedure.

(1) Induced ground water recharge appropriations shall be administered in the same manner as prescribed by Chapter 46, article 2, for other appropriations. Appropriations for induced ground water recharge may be canceled and annulled as provided in sections 46-229.02 to 46-229.05.

(2) The department may approve the transfer of priority dates among water wells, including replacement water wells, located within a single well field that are subject to an induced recharge appropriation, or are part of an application for such an appropriation, to improve the well field's efficiency of operation with respect to river flow. The transfers shall be approved if the department finds that (a) the transfers would not increase the quantity of induced ground water recharge under the original priority date or application, (b) the amount of water withdrawn from water wells under the original priority date or application would not increase, (c) the quantity of streamflow needed to sustain well field operation under the original priority date would decrease, (d) the transfer would not impair the rights of other appropriators, and (e) the transfer is in the public interest in the same manner as provided in section 46-235. The department may assign multiple priority dates to a single water well that replaces two or more water wells which are abandoned. Replacement water wells installed pursuant to this subsection must be installed within the same well field as the abandoned water well. Notice shall be furnished and any hearing held as provided in sections 46-291 and 46-292. For purposes of this subsection, single well field means those contiguous tracts of land owned or leased by the applicant containing two or more water wells subject to induced recharge.