Nebraska Revised Statute 46-230

Chapter 46


Adjudication of water rights; record; duty of appropriation owner to furnish information; notice.

(1) As the adjudication of a stream progresses and as each claim is finally adjudicated, the director shall make and cause to be entered of record in his or her office an order determining and establishing the priorities of right to use the water of such stream, the amount of the appropriation of the persons claiming water from such stream and the character of use for which each appropriation is found to have been made, and the address of the owner of each water appropriation.

(2) Whenever requested by the department, the owner of any appropriation not held by an irrigation district, reclamation district, public power and irrigation district, or mutual irrigation or canal company shall provide the department with the name, address, and telephone number of each then-current owner of the appropriation and with the name, address, and telephone number of any tenant or other person who is authorized by the owner to receive opening and closing notices and other departmental communications relating to the appropriation. Each appropriation owner shall also notify the department any time there is a change in any of such names, addresses, or telephone numbers. Notice of ownership changes may be provided to the department in the manner provided in section 76-2,124 or in any other manner authorized by the department. If notice of an ownership change is provided other than in accordance with such section, the notice shall include such evidence of ownership as the director may require. Notice of all other changes may be provided in any manner authorized by the department. Upon receipt of any new information, the department shall update its records. The department shall not collect a fee for the filing of any such information or for updating its records.