Nebraska Revised Statute 46-2,119

Chapter 46


Instream appropriations; manner of administration.

Instream appropriations shall be administered in the same manner as prescribed by Chapter 46, article 2, for other appropriations. Reservoirs shall not be required by the director to release, for the benefit of an instream appropriation, water previously impounded in accordance with section 46-241 or 46-243. Reservoirs with storage rights senior to an instream appropriation shall not be required to pass, for the benefit of that instream appropriation, inflows that could be stored by such reservoir if the instream appropriation were not in effect. Notwithstanding subsection (5) of section 46-241, a reservoir with storage rights senior to an instream appropriation also shall not be required to pass inflows for downstream direct irrigation if the appropriation for direct irrigation is junior to and would be denied water because of that instream appropriation. Instream appropriations may be canceled as provided in sections 46-229.02 to 46-229.05.