Nebraska Revised Statute 46-2,107

Chapter 46


Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that the maintenance, conservation, management, storage, and timely release of the waters of the natural streams within the State of Nebraska are in the public interest and are practices essential to the well-being of present and future generations. In furtherance of these practices, the public interest demands the recognition of instream uses for fish, recreation, and wildlife. The Legislature also finds that proposals for future water development should fully consider multiple uses, including instream flows whether from natural flow or from reservoir releases, and recognizes the positive impact of impoundments which can provide significant instream flow benefits.


  • Laws 1984, LB 1106, § 23.


  • Sections 46-2,107 through 46-2,119, permitting instream flow appropriations, do not offend this provision or Neb. Const. art. XV, section 4, 5, or 6. In re Application A-16642, 236 Neb. 671, 463 N.W.2d 591 (1990).