Nebraska Revised Statute 46-192

Chapter 46


Discontinuance of district; final report by board; property rights; disposition; claims barred after one year.

After all the property of the district is disposed of as provided in sections 46-186 to 46-188, except for any balance of funds remaining after all of the obligations of such district have been paid, the directors of such district shall file in the office of the county clerk of each county in which such district is located, and in the office of the Department of Natural Resources, a report attested by the secretary of the board, stating that the district has disposed of its property and franchises, except for any balance of funds remaining, and has discontinued operation, which report shall be recorded in the miscellaneous record of such counties. Each easement and right-of-way, whether owned by the district in fee or otherwise, shall automatically be terminated and extinguished and such interest together with any canal or other structure shall become the property of the owner of the land upon which such easement, right-of-way, canal, or other structure is located or, if owned in fee by the district, shall become the property of the owner of the land adjacent thereto, upon the filing of the report with the department. If any person has any claim against such district which is not settled or disposed of at the time of the filing of such report and such person fails or neglects to bring suit upon such claim within one year after the time of the filing of such report, such claim or claims shall be forever barred as against such district as well as against all persons and property therein.


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