Nebraska Revised Statute 46-173

Chapter 46


District boundaries; changes; exclusion of lands; effect.

The boundaries of any irrigation district organized under the provisions of sections 46-101 to 46-128 may be changed and tracts of land included within the boundaries of such district, at or after its organization under the provisions of said sections, may be excluded therefrom in the manner prescribed in sections 46-174 to 46-184; but neither such change of the boundaries of the district nor such exclusion of lands from the district shall impair or affect its organization, or its rights in or to property, or any of its rights or privileges, of whatever kind or nature; nor shall it affect, impair or discharge any contract, obligation, lien or charge for or upon which it was or might become liable or chargeable, had such change of its boundaries not been made or had not any land been excluded from the district.


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  • Equity will not interfere to separate nonirrigable lands from irrigation district in absence of showing that plaintiffs have sought to avail themselves of statutory method herein provided. Andrews v. Lillian Irr. Dist., 66 Neb. 458, 92 N.W. 612 (1902), 97 N.W. 336 (1903).