Nebraska Revised Statute 46-161

Chapter 46


District boundaries; changes; inclusion of lands; petition; contents.

The holder or holders of title or evidence of title representing one-half or more of any body of contiguous lands, adjacent to the boundary of an irrigation district and which taken together constitute one tract of land, may file with the board of directors of such district a petition in writing, praying that the boundaries of such district be changed to include their lands. The petition shall describe the boundaries of the parcel or tract of land and shall also describe the boundaries of the several parcels respectively owned by the petitioners, if the petitioners are the owners of distinct parcels, but such description need not be more particular than required when such lands are entered by the county assessor in the assessment book. Such petition shall contain the consent of the petitioners to the inclusion in such district of the parcels or tracts of land described in the petition and of which the petition alleges that they are respectively the owners and shall be acknowledged in the same manner that conveyances of land are required to be acknowledged.


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Cross References

  • Acknowledgment of deeds, see sections 76-211 and 76-216 to 76-236.
  • Assessment book, description of lands, see section 77-1613.