Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1207.02

Chapter 46


Inactive status water well, defined.

Inactive status water well shall mean a water well that is in a good state of repair and for which the owner has provided evidence of intent for future use by maintaining the water well in a manner which meets the following requirements:

(1) The water well does not allow impairment of the water quality in the water well or of the ground water encountered by the water well;

(2) The top of the water well or water well casing has a water-tight welded or threaded cover or some other water-tight means to prevent its removal without the use of equipment or tools to prevent unauthorized access, to prevent a safety hazard to humans and animals, and to prevent illegal disposal of wastes or contaminants into the water well;

(3) All entrances and discharge piping to the water well are effectively sealed to prevent the entrance of contaminants; and

(4) The water well is marked so as to be easily visible and located and is labeled or otherwise marked so as to be easily identified as a water well and the area surrounding the water well is kept clear of brush, debris, and waste material.