Nebraska Revised Statute 46-113

Chapter 46


Officers; oath; bond; district as federal fiscal agent; additional bond.

Within ten days after receiving his certificate of election, hereinafter provided for, each director shall take and subscribe the official oath, and each member of the board of directors shall execute an official bond in the sum of one thousand dollars, which bond shall be approved by the county judge of the county where such organization was effected, and after such approval all bonds shall be recorded in the office of the county recorder of such county; Provided, that in case any district organized hereunder is appointed fiscal agent of the United States or by the United States is authorized to make collections of money for and on behalf of the United States in connection with any federal reclamation project, such treasurer and each such director shall execute a further additional official bond in such sum as the Secretary of the Interior may require, conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties of his respective office and the faithful discharge by the district of its duties as fiscal or other agent of the United States under any such appointment or authorization; such additional bonds to be approved, recorded, and filed as herein provided for other official bonds, and any additional bonds may be sued upon by the United States or any person injured by the failure of such officer or the district to fully, promptly, and completely perform their respective duties. All official bonds herein provided for shall be in the form prescribed by law for official bonds for county officers except that the obligee named in the bond shall be the district.


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Cross References

  • Official bonds, form, filing, recording, and approval, see sections 11-101 to 11-122.