Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1127

Chapter 46


Irrigation distribution system; improper operation; penalty; equipment; rules and regulations.

(1) Any person who places any chemical in an irrigation distribution system or permits any chemical to be in an irrigation distribution system without having a properly operating (a) check and vacuum relief valve in the irrigation pipe, (b) inspection port or other device to check the performance of the check valve on the irrigation pipeline, (c) automatic low-pressure drain placed between the main check valve and the irrigation pump so that a solution will drain away from the source of water supply, (d) check valve in the chemical injection line, and (e) simultaneous interlock device between the power system of the chemical injection unit and the irrigation pumping plant to protect the water supply from contamination in the event such pumping plant ceases to operate or such other properly operating additional or replacement equipment as may be specified by the council pursuant to subsection (3) of this section shall be guilty of a Class IV misdemeanor.

(2) On or before October 1, 1986, the council shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations specifying the standards for the equipment required pursuant to this section as are necessary to prevent the contamination of the water supply. The standards specified in such rules and regulations shall not be such as to impose an unduly severe or costly burden on any person without substantially contributing to the prevention of water contamination.

(3) The council may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations specifying equipment other than that required in subsection (1) of this section if changes in design, technology, or irrigation practices or other similar reasons warrant the use of equipment in addition to or in lieu of that enumerated in this section. Any equipment specified pursuant to this subsection shall provide protection to the water supply at least equal to that provided by the equipment required in subsection (1) of this section. The districts shall be given forty-five days to review and comment on rules and regulations proposed by the council prior to the hearing by the council.


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