Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1124

Chapter 46


District; conduct inspections; inspection warrant.

(1) Each district shall conduct areawide, selective, and periodic inspections to insure compliance with the Nebraska Chemigation Act and rules and regulations adopted and promulgated under the act. A permitholder or any person believed by the district to be chemigating without a required permit shall be notified by the district of the district's right and intent to inspect the premises concerned. Authorized representatives of the district and the department shall have access at all reasonable times to inspect a chemigation system and to otherwise carry out their duties under the act. Prior to inspection such authorized representatives shall make reasonable efforts to obtain consent to inspect from the permitholder, his or her authorized employee, the applicator, or the owner or operator of the system. If consent for inspection is denied, such authorized representatives may apply to the district or county court of the county in which the chemigation system is located for an inspection warrant to require the permitholder or person believed to be chemigating without a required permit to allow the authorized representatives to enter onto his or her land to carry out their duties under the act or the rules and regulations.

(2) No person shall refuse entry or access to any authorized representative of the district or department who requests entry for purposes of inspection and who presents appropriate credentials and an inspection warrant, and no person shall obstruct, hamper, or interfere with any such inspection. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent prompt inspection without consent or appropriate warrant in emergency situations when there is neither sufficient time nor opportunity to obtain an inspection warrant. If requested, the permitholder, applicator, or person chemigating without a required permit shall receive a report specifying all facts found which relate to compliance status.

(3) Entry upon any property pursuant to the act shall not be considered to be trespass, and no damage shall be recoverable on that account alone. Damage to crops caused by the issuance of any order authorized by the act shall not be recoverable on that account alone.


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