Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1024

Chapter 46 Section 1024


Consolidation of districts; hearing; county board; order.

If, at the time and place set for the hearing, the county board shall find and determine that (1) notice of the hearing has been given as required by section 46-1023; (2) the proposed consolidation has been approved by a majority vote of the participating members of each district seeking consolidation as provided by section 46-1022; and (3) that the statements contained in the petition for consolidation are true, the county board shall thereupon enter an order declaring the area within the boundaries of the rural water districts seeking consolidation to be incorporated as a consolidated rural water district under the name of Consolidated Rural Water District No. ...., ............ County, Nebraska (inserting number in order of consolidation and name of county), and such consolidated district shall thereupon assume all of the obligations and liabilities and shall be entitled to the benefits, franchises and privileges of each of the districts consolidated by such order, and shall have all of the powers of rural water districts.


  • Laws 1972, LB 1502, § 5.