Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1,143

Chapter 46


Contract for water supply authorized.

The board of directors of any irrigation district organized under the laws of this state may enter into contracts for a supply of water for the irrigation of the lands within such irrigation district with any person, firm, association, corporation or the United States of America. The source of supply of such water may be either within or without the boundaries of the State of Nebraska, and the water supply may be either the entire supply of water for such district or to supplement an appropriation already made by such district.


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  • C.S.1922, § 2944;
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  • R.S.1943, § 46-1,143.


  • Board of directors of irrigation district may contract with the United States for a supply of water. Frenchman Valley Irr. Dist. v. Smith, 167 Neb. 78, 91 N.W.2d 415 (1958).

  • Irrigation districts are authorized to contract with United States for water supply for irrigation of district lands. Livanis v. Northport Irr. Dist., 121 Neb. 777, 238 N.W. 757 (1931).

  • Act is complete in itself, and does not limit power of officers of district to contract with United States for supply of water under other statutory provisions. Bridgeport Irr. Dist. v. United States, 40 F.2d 827 (8th Cir. 1930).