Nebraska Revised Statute 45-919.01

Chapter 45


Extended payment plan; request; terms; default.

(1) A maker who cannot pay back a delayed deposit transaction when it is due may elect once in any twelve-month period to repay the delayed deposit transaction to the licensee by means of an extended payment plan.

(2) To request an extended payment plan, the maker, before the due date of the outstanding delayed deposit transaction, must request the plan and sign an amendment to the delayed deposit agreement that reflects the new payment schedule and terms.

(3) The extended payment plan's terms must allow the maker, at no additional cost, to repay the outstanding delayed deposit transaction, including any fee due, in at least four equal payments that coincide with the maker's periodic pay dates.

(4) The maker may prepay an extended payment plan in full at any time without penalty. The licensee shall not charge the maker any interest or additional fees during the term of the extended payment plan.

(5) If the maker fails to pay any extended payment plan installment when due, the maker shall be in default of the payment plan and the licensee immediately may accelerate payment on the remaining balance. Upon default, the licensee may take action to collect all amounts due.