Nebraska Revised Statute 45-747

Chapter 45


Prohibited acts; penalty.

(1) Any person required to be licensed or registered under the Residential Mortgage Licensing Act who, without first obtaining a license or registration under the act or while such license is on inactive status or expired or has been suspended, revoked, or canceled by the director, engages in the business of or occupation of, advertises or holds himself or herself out as, claims to be, or temporarily acts as a mortgage banker or mortgage loan originator in this state is guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.

(2) Any individual who has been convicted of, pleaded guilty to, or been found guilty after a plea of nolo contendere to (a) a misdemeanor under any state or federal law which involves dishonesty or fraud or which involves any aspect of the mortgage banking business, depository institution business, or installment loan company business or (b) any felony under state or federal law, and is employed by or maintains a contractual relationship as an agent of, any person required to be licensed or registered under the act, is guilty of a Class I misdemeanor.