Nebraska Revised Statute 45-615

Chapter 45


Licensee; solicitor; citation; hearing; board; findings; powers.

After a hearing held pursuant to sections 45-613 and 45-614, the board shall state in writing its findings in the matter. If the board finds that the cited licensee or solicitor has failed to comply with the intent and purposes of the Collection Agency Act or, in the case of a licensee, has failed to account to a customer or client as provided for in section 45-608 or is not financially responsible, the board may suspend or revoke such license or certificate. A certified copy of the findings of the board shall be served upon the cited licensee or solicitor by certified mail within five days of the issuance of such findings.



  • Failure to report and pay collections made within specified time justified revocation of license. State ex rel. Hartman v. Weiss, 181 Neb. 685, 150 N.W.2d 264 (1967).