Nebraska Revised Statute 45-189

Chapter 45


Loan brokers; legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that:

(1) Many professional groups are presently licensed or otherwise regulated by the State of Nebraska in the interest of public protection;

(2) Certain questionable business practices, such as the collection of an advance fee prior to the performance of the service, misleads the public;

(3) Such practices are avoided by many professional groups and many professional groups are regulated by the state to restrict practices which tend to mislead or deceive the public;

(4) Loan brokers in Nebraska have engaged in the practice of collecting an advance fee from borrowers in consideration for attempting to procure a loan of money;

(5) Such practice, as well as others, by loan brokers has led the public to believe that the loan broker has agreed to procure a loan for the borrower when in fact the loan broker has merely promised to attempt to procure a loan; and

(6) Regulation of loan brokers by the state, in similar fashion to that of other professions, is necessary in order to protect the public welfare and to promote the use of fair and equitable business practices.