Nebraska Revised Statute 45-1205

Chapter 45


Delay in payment; additional interest payment.

Except as provided in section 45-1204, if a periodic or final payment to (1) a contractor is delayed by more than thirty days after receipt of a properly submitted periodic or final payment request by the owner or owner's representative or (2) a subcontractor is delayed by more than ten days after receipt of a periodic or final payment by the contractor or subcontractor, then the remitting owner, contractor, or subcontractor shall pay the contractor or subcontractor interest due until such amount is paid, beginning on the day following the payment due date at the rate of one percent per month or a pro rata fraction thereof on the unpaid balance. Interest is due under this section only after the person charged the interest has been notified of the provisions of this section by the contractor or subcontractor. Acceptance of progress payments or a final payment shall release all claims for interest on such payments.