Nebraska Revised Statute 45-1068

Chapter 45


Reverse-mortgage loan; rules governing; how made or acquired; charges authorized; forfeiture by lender.

(1) For purposes of this section, reverse-mortgage loan means a loan made by a licensee which (a) is secured by residential real estate, (b) is nonrecourse to the borrower except in the event of fraud by the borrower or waste to the residential real estate given as security for the loan, (c) provides cash advances to the borrower based upon the equity in the borrower's owner-occupied principal residence, (d) requires no payment of principal or interest until the entire loan becomes due and payable, and (e) otherwise complies with the terms of this section.

(2) Reverse-mortgage loans shall be governed by the following rules without regard to the requirements set out elsewhere for other types of mortgage transactions: (a) Payment in whole or in part is permitted without penalty at any time during the period of the loan; (b) an advance and interest on the advance have priority over a lien filed after the closing of a reverse-mortgage loan; (c) an interest rate may be fixed or adjustable and may also provide for interest that is contingent on appreciation in the value of the residential real estate; and (d) the advance shall not be reduced in amount or number based on an adjustment in the interest rate when a reverse-mortgage loan provides for periodic advances to a borrower.

(3) Reverse-mortgage loans may be made or acquired without regard to the following provisions for other types of mortgage transactions: (a) Limitations on the purpose and use of future advances or any other mortgage proceeds; (b) limitations on future advances to a term of years or limitations on the term of credit line advances; (c) limitations on the term during which future advances take priority over intervening advances; (d) requirements that a maximum mortgage amount be stated in the mortgage; (e) limitations on loan-to-value ratios; (f) prohibitions on balloon payments; (g) prohibitions on compounded interest and interest on interest; and (h) requirements that a percentage of the loan proceeds must be advanced prior to loan assignment.

(4) A licensee may, in connection with a reverse-mortgage loan, charge to the borrower (a) a nonrefundable loan origination fee which does not exceed two percent of the appraised value of the owner-occupied principal residence at the time the loan is made, (b) a reasonable fee paid to third parties originating loans on behalf of the licensee, and (c) such other fees as are necessary and required, including fees for inspections, insurance, appraisals, and surveys.

(5) Licensees failing to make loan advances as required in the loan documents and failing to cure the default as required in the loan documents shall forfeit an amount equal to the greater of two hundred dollars or one percent of the amount of the loan advance the licensee failed to make.