Nebraska Revised Statute 44-793

Chapter 44


Mental health conditions; coverage; requirements.

(1) On or after January 1, 2000, notwithstanding section 44-3,131, any health insurance plan delivered, issued, or renewed in this state (a) if coverage is provided for treatment of mental health conditions other than alcohol or substance abuse, (i) shall not establish any rate, term, or condition that places a greater financial burden on an insured for access to treatment for a serious mental illness than for access to treatment for a physical health condition and (ii) if an out-of-pocket limit is established for physical health conditions, shall apply such out-of-pocket limit as a single comprehensive out-of-pocket limit for both physical health conditions and mental health conditions, or (b) if no coverage is to be provided for treatment of mental health conditions, shall provide clear and prominent notice of such noncoverage in the plan.

(2) If a health insurance plan provides coverage for serious mental illness, the health insurance plan shall cover health care rendered for treatment of serious mental illness (a) by a mental health professional, (b) by a person authorized by the rules and regulations of the Department of Health and Human Services to provide treatment for mental illness, (c) in a mental health center as defined in section 71-423, or (d) in any other health care facility licensed under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act that provides a program for the treatment of a mental health condition pursuant to a written plan. The issuer of a health insurance plan may require a health care provider under this subsection to enter into a contract as a condition of providing benefits.

(3) The Director of Insurance may disapprove any plan that the director determines to be inconsistent with the purposes of this section.

Cross References

  • Health Care Facility Licensure Act, see section 71-401.