Nebraska Revised Statute 44-769

Chapter 44


Legislative findings; alcoholism insurance.

The Legislature hereby declares and finds that alcoholism is a disease which, if untreated, is highly disruptive of family life and employment and costs the state, its political subdivisions, insurers, employers, and taxpayers millions of dollars annually because of highway deaths and injuries, lost wages, lower productivity, welfare and unemployment compensation, greater utilization of health insurance benefits and premature death, alcohol-related crimes, and the corresponding costs to the criminal justice and penal systems. The Legislature further finds that while most health benefit plans pay the high cost of treating the symptoms, injuries, and diseases associated with alcoholism many exclude coverage for treatment of the disease itself or limit coverage to acute portions of hospitals which do not generally treat the disease. The Legislature therefor declares that group subscribers and insureds should have information concerning the scope of alcoholism benefits being offered and access to coverage for treatment of the disease on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between the subscriber or insured and the insurer or health maintenance organization.