Nebraska Revised Statute 44-5132

Chapter 44


Bankruptcy-remote business entity securities.

(1) An insurer may invest in a security or other instrument, excluding a mutual fund, evidencing an interest in or the right to receive payments from, or payable from distributions on, an asset, a pool of assets, or specifically divisible cash flows which are legally transferred to a special purpose bankruptcy-remote business entity on the following conditions:

(a) The business entity is established solely for the purpose of acquiring specific types of assets or rights to cash flows, issuing securities and other instruments representing an interest in or right to receive cash flows from those assets or rights, and engaging in activities required to service the assets or rights and any credit enhancement or support features held by the business entity; and

(b) The assets of the business entity consist solely of interest-bearing obligations or other contractual obligations representing the right to receive payment from the cash flows from the assets or rights. However, the existence of credit enhancements, such as letters of credit or guarantees, or other support features, shall not cause a security or other instrument to be an unauthorized investment under this section.

(2) Investments in interest-only securities, other than those with a 1 designation from the Securities Valuation Office, or other instruments shall not be authorized under this section.

(3) Any investment authorized under this section shall have a minimum quality rating as described in subdivision (2) of section 44-5112.