Nebraska Revised Statute 44-5110

Chapter 44



(1) An insurer may invest in an individual interest of a pool of obligations or a fractional interest of a single obligation if:

(a) The certificate of participation or interest or the confirmation of participation or interest in the investment is issued in the name of the insurer, a custodian bank, or the nominee of either; and

(b) The certificate or confirmation, if held by a custodian bank, is kept separate and apart from the investment of others so that at all times the participation or interest may be identified as belonging solely to the insurer making the investment.

(2) If an investment is not evidenced by a certificate, adequate evidence of the insurer's investment shall be obtained from the issuer or its transfer or recording agent and retained by the insurer, custodian bank, or clearing corporation except as provided in subdivision (2) of section 44-5109. For purposes of this subsection, adequate evidence shall mean a written receipt or other verification issued by the depository, issuer, or custodian bank which shows that the investment is held for the insurer. Transfers of ownership or investments held as described in subdivisions (1)(c) and (2) of section 44-5109 and this section may be evidenced by a bookkeeping entry on the books of the issuer of the investment, its transfer or recording agent, or the clearing corporation without physical delivery of certificates, if any, evidencing the insurer's investment.

(3) Any investment made pursuant to this section shall also conform with the following:

(a) The investment in which the interest is purchased shall be authorized under the Insurers Investment Act; and

(b) The insurer's pro rata interest in the investment shall be in the same percentage as the par amount of its interest bears to the outstanding par amount of the investment at the time of purchase.

(4) An investment may be authorized under this section although its interest does not include the right to exercise the investor's rights or enforce the investor's remedies according to the provisions of the issue.

(5) Any investment made pursuant to this section shall be purchased pursuant to a written participation agreement.