Nebraska Revised Statute 44-503.01

Chapter 44


Beneficiary; trustee; named or to be named in a will.

A policy of life insurance may designate as beneficiary a trustee or trustees named or to be named by will, if the designation is made in accordance with the provisions of the policy and the requirements of the insurance company. Immediately after the proving of the will the proceeds of such insurance shall be paid to the trustee or trustees named therein to be held and disposed of under the terms of the will as they exist at the death of the testator, but if no qualified trustee makes claim to the proceeds from the insurance company within one year after the death of the insured, or if satisfactory evidence is furnished the insurance company within such one-year period showing that no trustee can qualify to receive the proceeds, payment shall be made by the insurance company to those thereafter entitled. Any payment of proceeds in accordance with the provisions of this section by an insurance company shall constitute a full discharge of such insurance company's liability for the amount so paid. The proceeds of the insurance as collected by the trustee or trustees shall not be subject to debts of the insured and inheritance tax. Enactment of this section shall not invalidate previous life insurance policy beneficiary designations naming trustees of trusts established by will.


  • Laws 1969, c. 355, § 1, p. 1235.