Nebraska Revised Statute 44-424

Chapter 44 Section 424


Actuarial opinions; requirements.

Every opinion required by section 44-421 shall be governed by the following provisions:

(1) The opinion shall be submitted with the annual statement reflecting the valuation of such reserve liabilities for each year ending on or after December 31, 1994;

(2) The opinion shall apply to all business in force including individual and group sickness and accident insurance plans, in form and substance acceptable to the director;

(3) The opinion shall be based on standards adopted from time to time by the Actuarial Standards Board and on such additional standards as the director may prescribe;

(4) In the case of an opinion required to be submitted by a foreign or alien company, the director may accept the opinion filed by that company with the insurance supervisory official of another state if the director determines that the opinion reasonably meets the requirements applicable to a domestic company; and

(5) Except in cases of fraud or willful misconduct, the qualified actuary shall not be liable for damages to any person, other than the insurance company and the director, for any act, error, omission, decision, or conduct with respect to the actuary's opinion.


  • Laws 1994, LB 978, § 11.