Nebraska Revised Statute 44-406

Chapter 44


Life insurance; nonforfeiture benefits.

This section shall apply only to policies of life insurance issued prior to the operative date defined in section 44-407.07 (the Standard Nonforfeiture Law). The nonforfeiture benefit referred to in provision (9) of section 44-502 shall be available to the owner of the policy, in event of default in premium payments after premiums shall have been paid for three years, and shall be a stipulated form of insurance, the net value of which shall be at least equal to the reserve, at the date of default on the policy, and on any dividend additions thereto, less a sum not more than two and one-half percent of the amount insured by the policy, and of any existing dividend additions thereto, and less any existing indebtedness to the company on the policy. The policy shall specify the mortality table and rate of interest adopted for computing such reserves and shall stipulate that it may be surrendered to the company at its home office within one month from date of default, for a specified cash value at least equal to the sum which would otherwise be available for the purchase of insurance as aforesaid, and may provide that the company may defer payment for not more than six months after the application therefor is made.


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