Nebraska Revised Statute 44-386.01

Chapter 44


Unincorporated mutual associations; contract of association; approval of director required; changes or additions, filing.

No association described in section 44-386 as may hereafter be formed shall provide any insurance coverage until it has filed with and received the approval of the Department of Insurance on such association's contract of association containing the name of the association, the place in Nebraska where its principal office will be located, the method of electing its officers and directors, and the method and procedure of doing business and copies of all contracts of association for insurance, applications, policies, certificates, and other evidence of insurance coverage to be used by such association in connection with its operation. No such association shall receive approval to operate if it has not filed its contract of association prior to August 25, 1989. All changes of or any additions to such information shall first be filed with and approved by the department before such changes or additions are used or become effective.