Nebraska Revised Statute 44-3707

Chapter 44


Motor club service, defined.

Motor club service shall mean the rendering, furnishing, or procuring of, or reimbursement for any of the services enumerated in this section, which shall include but not be limited to:

(1) Towing service;

(2) Bail and arrest bond service;

(3) Emergency road service;

(4) Claim adjustment service;

(5) Legal service;

(6) Theft service;

(7) Map service;

(8) Emergency travel expense service;

(9) Community traffic safety service;

(10) Merchandise and discount service;

(11) Travel, touring, and travel information service;

(12) Guaranteed hotel or motel rate service;

(13) New car pricing service;

(14) Financial service;

(15) Check cashing service;

(16) Personal property registration service;

(17) Buying and selling service;

(18) License service;

(19) Credit card service; and

(20) Insurance service.

Nothing contained in this section shall prohibit a club from offering services which augment or are incidental to any service offered by the club or any other services which are of assistance and are beneficial to members and are feasible for the club to render.


  • Laws 1981, LB 113, § 7.