Nebraska Revised Statute 44-361

Chapter 44 Section 361


Rebates; prohibited; activities not considered a rebate.

No insurance company, by itself or any other party, and no insurance agent or broker, personally or by any other party, shall offer, promise, allow, give, set off, or pay, directly or indirectly, any rebate of, or part of, the premium payable on the policy, or of any policy, or agent's commission thereon, or earnings, profits, dividends, or other benefits founded, arising, accruing or to accrue thereon or therefrom, or any paid employment or contract for service, or for advice of any kind, or any other valuable consideration or inducement to, or for insurance, on any risk authorized to be taken under section 44-201 now or hereafter to be written, which is not specified in the policy contract of insurance; nor shall any such company, agent, or broker, personally or otherwise, offer, promise, give, sell or purchase any stock, bonds, securities or property, or any dividends or profits accruing or to accrue thereon, or other things of value whatsoever, as inducement to insurance or in connection therewith, which is not specified in the policy. No insured person or party shall receive or accept, directly or indirectly, any rebate of premium, or part thereof, or agent's or broker's commission thereon, payable on the policy, or on any policy of insurance, or any favor or advantage or share in the dividends or other benefits to accrue on, or any valuable consideration or inducement not specified in the policy contract of insurance. Extending of interest-free credit on life and liability insurance premiums or interest-free credit on crop hail insurance premiums shall not be a rebate of the premium. Payments made pursuant to the Nebraska Right to Shop Act shall not be considered a rebate of the premium for purposes of this section.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Right to Shop Act, see section 44-1401.


  • Agreement to rebate is expressly forbidden, and insured could not recover from agent thereon nor could insured compel rescission of contract of insurance or the policy on that ground. Kortright v. Mutual Life Ins. Co., 123 Neb. 746, 243 N.W. 904 (1932).