Nebraska Revised Statute 44-3004

Chapter 44 Section 3004


Benefits; accrued contractual interest; how treated.

(1) If an insurer determines under section 44-3003 that benefits are due to a beneficiary, the benefits from the applicable policy or retained asset account, plus any applicable accrued contractual interest, shall be payable to the designated beneficiary. If such beneficiary cannot be found, the insurer shall comply with section 69-1303 with respect to such benefits and accrued contractual interest. Interest otherwise payable under section 44-3,143 shall not be considered unclaimed funds under section 69-1303.

(2) Once the benefits and accrued contractual interest are presumed abandoned under section 69-1303, the insurer shall notify the State Treasurer, as part of the report sent under section 69-1310, that:

(a) A beneficiary has not submitted a claim with the insurer; and

(b) The insurer has complied with section 44-3003 and has been unable, after good faith efforts documented by the insurer, to contact the beneficiary.