Nebraska Revised Statute 44-2716

Chapter 44 Section 2716


Insurer; offset against tax liability; handling of refund sums.

(1) The insurer may offset against its premium and related retaliatory tax liability to this state pursuant to sections 44-150 and 77-908 accrued with respect to business transacted in such year an amount equal to twenty percent of the original face amount of the certificate of contribution, beginning with the first calendar year after the year of issuance through the fifth calendar year of issuance.

(2) Any sums acquired by refund pursuant to subsection (6) of section 44-2708 from the association which have previously been written off by contributing insurers and offset against premium and related retaliatory taxes as provided in subsection (1) of this section and are not then needed for purposes of Chapter 44 shall be paid by the association to the director who shall handle such funds in the same manner as provided for in section 77-912.