Nebraska Revised Statute 44-249

Chapter 44


Plan of exchange; adoption.

Any domestic stock insurance company may adopt a plan providing for the exchange of its outstanding shares for the consideration designated in this section to be paid or provided by a corporation which is to acquire such shares in the manner provided in sections 44-248 to 44-255.

The plan of exchange may provide that the acquiring corporation, as consideration for the stock of the domestic corporation, (1) transfer shares of its stock, (2) transfer other securities issued by it, (3) pay cash therefor, (4) pay or provide other consideration, or (5) pay or provide any combination of the foregoing types of consideration.

Acquiring corporation, as used in sections 44-248 to 44-255, shall mean any corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Nebraska, any foreign or alien corporation domesticated or qualified to do business in Nebraska, or any foreign or alien insurance company authorized to do business in Nebraska.