Nebraska Revised Statute 44-2136

Chapter 44


Adequacy of surplus; factors.

For purposes of the Insurance Holding Company System Act, in determining whether an insurer's policyholders surplus is reasonable in relation to the insurer's outstanding liabilities and adequate to its financial needs, the following factors, among others, shall be considered:

(1) The size of the insurer as measured by its assets, capital and surplus, reserves, premium writings, insurance in force, and other appropriate criteria;

(2) The extent to which the insurer's business is diversified among the several lines of insurance;

(3) The number and size of risks insured in each line of business;

(4) The extent of the geographical dispersion of the insurer's insured risks;

(5) The nature and extent of the insurer's reinsurance program;

(6) The quality, diversification, and liquidity of the insurer's investment portfolio;

(7) The recent past and projected future trend in the size of the insurer's investment portfolio;

(8) The policyholders surplus maintained by other comparable insurers;

(9) The adequacy of the insurer's reserves; and

(10) The quality and liquidity of investments in affiliates. The director may treat any such investment as a disallowed asset for purposes of determining the adequacy of policyholders surplus whenever in his or her judgment such investment so warrants.


  • Laws 1991, LB 236, § 16.