Nebraska Revised Statute 44-1805

Chapter 44 Section 1805


Subject to personal jurisdiction.

Any of the following acts in this state, effected by mail or otherwise, by any such unauthorized foreign or alien insurer: (1) The issuance or delivery of contracts of insurance to residents of this state; (2) the solicitation of applications for such contracts; (3) the collection of premiums, membership fees, assessments, or other considerations for such contracts; or (4) any other transaction of insurance business, shall constitute sufficient contact with the state for the exercise of personal jurisdiction over such insurer in any proceeding instituted in respect to the misrepresentation set forth in section 44-1803 under the Unfair Insurance Trade Practices Act or in any action, suit, or proceeding for the recovery of any penalty provided in the act.


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Cross References

  • Unfair Insurance Trade Practices Act, see section 44-1521.