Nebraska Revised Statute 44-1706

Chapter 44 Section 1706


Term of policy.

The term of any credit life insurance or credit accident and health insurance shall, subject to acceptance by the insurer, commence on the date when the debtor becomes obligated to the creditor, except that, if a group policy provides coverage with respect to existing obligations, the insurance on a debtor with respect to such indebtedness shall commence on the effective date of the policy. The term of such insurance shall not extend more than fifteen days beyond the scheduled maturity date of the indebtedness except when extended without additional cost to the debtor. If the indebtedness is discharged due to renewal or refinancing prior to the scheduled maturity date, the insurance in force shall be terminated before any new insurance may be issued in connection with the renewed or refinanced indebtedness and if the indebtedness is discharged due to a prepayment, the insurance in force shall be terminated as of the date of the prepayment. In all cases of termination prior to scheduled maturity, a refund shall be paid or credited as provided in section 44-1709.


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