Nebraska Revised Statute 44-161

Chapter 44 Section 161


Foreign insurer; becoming domestic insurer; requirements.

Any insurer which is organized under the laws of any other state and is admitted to do business in this state for the purpose of writing insurance may become a domestic insurer by complying with all of the requirements of law relative to the organization and licensing of a domestic insurer of the same type and by designating its principal place of business at a place in this state. If an insurer transfers its domicile to this state, any investment held by the insurer at the time of the transfer, which shall have been an authorized investment under the laws of the insurer's former state of domicile, shall be deemed an authorized investment under the Insurers Investment Act. The domestic insurer shall be entitled to like certificates and licenses to transact business in this state and shall be subject to the authority and jurisdiction of this state.


Cross References

  • Insurers Investment Act, see section 44-5101.