Nebraska Revised Statute 44-1406

Chapter 44


Estimate of out-of-pocket amount.

(1) Within two working days of an enrollee’s request, an insurance carrier shall provide a good faith estimate of the amount the enrollee will be responsible to pay out-of-pocket for a proposed nonemergency procedure or service that is a medically necessary covered benefit from an insurance carrier’s network provider, including any copayment, deductible, coinsurance, or other out-of-pocket amount for any covered benefit, based on the information available to the insurance carrier at the time the request is made.

(2) Nothing in this section shall prohibit an insurance carrier from imposing cost-sharing requirements disclosed in the enrollee’s certificate of coverage for unforeseen health care services that arise out of the nonemergency procedure or service or for a procedure or service provided to an enrollee that was not included in the original estimate.

(3) An insurance carrier shall notify the enrollee that the amounts provided under subsection (1) of this section are estimated costs and that the actual amount the enrollee will be responsible to pay may vary due to unforeseen services that arise out of the proposed nonemergency procedure or service.