Nebraska Revised Statute 44-1206

Chapter 44


Reserve; character; amount.

In addition to the requirement that a fund, in cash or invested as provided by law, be on deposit with the attorney as provided in subdivision (7) of section 44-1203, it shall be a further requirement that such beginning deposit be continually maintained with such attorney, and in addition thereto there shall at all times be maintained with such attorney as a reserve, a sum in cash or convertible securities equal to one hundred percent of the aggregate net unearned deposits collected and credited to the accounts of participating subscribers, plus such claim and loss reserves. In computing aggregate net unearned deposits, credit will be given for reinsurance in reputable solvent companies. If at any time the assets on deposit with the attorney shall not equal the fund necessary to be maintained as provided above and in addition thereto the reserves as computed herein, the subscribers or their attorney for them shall make up any deficiency. In case of workers' compensation insurance, the Department of Insurance may require of any such attorney a bond or deposit of money with a bank or trust company of this state for the purpose of securing deferred payments or installments for compensation benefits provided for by the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act.


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Cross References

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