Nebraska Revised Statute 43-4408

Chapter 43


Department; reports; contents.

On or before September 15, 2012, and on or before each September 15 thereafter, the department shall provide electronically a report to the Health and Human Services Committee of the Legislature on the department's monitoring of any lead agencies or the pilot project, including the actions taken for contract management, financial management, revenue management, quality assurance and oversight, children's legal services, performance management, and communications. The report shall also include review of the functional capacities of each lead agency or the pilot project for (1) direct case management, (2) utilization of social work theory and evidence-based practices to include processes for insuring fidelity with evidence-based practices, (3) supervision, (4) quality assurance, (5) training, (6) subcontract management, (7) network development and management, (8) financial management, (9) financial controls, (10) utilization management, (11) community outreach, (12) coordination and planning, (13) community and stakeholder engagement, and (14) responsiveness to requests from policymakers and the Legislature. On or before December 31, 2012, the department shall provide an additional report to the committee updating the information on the pilot project contained in the report of September 15, 2012.