Nebraska Revised Statute 43-421

Chapter 43 Section 421


Parole violations; rights of juvenile.

This section applies to all juveniles committed to the Office of Juvenile Services for placement at a youth rehabilitation and treatment center prior to July 1, 2013. When a juvenile is charged with being in violation of a condition of his or her parole, the juvenile is entitled to:

(1) Notice of the alleged violations of parole at least twenty-four hours prior to a hearing on the allegations. Such notice shall contain a concise statement of the purpose of the hearing and the factual allegations upon which evidence will be offered;

(2) A prompt hearing, within fourteen days after the preliminary hearing, if the juvenile is being held pending the hearing;

(3) Reasonable continuances granted by the hearing officer for the juvenile to prepare for the hearing;

(4) Have his or her parents notified of the hearing and allegations and have his or her parents attend the hearing;

(5) Be represented by legal counsel at the expense of the Department of Health and Human Services unless retained legal counsel is available to the juvenile. The department may contract with attorneys to provide such representation to juveniles charged with parole violations;

(6) Compel witnesses to attend, testify on his or her own behalf, present evidence, and cross-examine witnesses against him or her; and

(7) Present a statement on his or her own behalf.