Nebraska Revised Statute 43-3342.01

Chapter 43


State Disbursement Unit; Title IV-D Division; duties; records.

(1) The responsibilities of the State Disbursement Unit shall include the following:

(a) Receipt of payments, except payments made pursuant to subdivisions (1)(a) and (1)(b) of section 42-369, and disbursements of such payments to obligees, the department, and the agencies of other states;

(b) Accurate identification of payments;

(c) Prompt disbursement of the obligee's share of any payments;

(d) Furnishing to any obligor or obligee, upon request, timely information on the current status of support order payments; and

(e) One location for employers to send income withholding payments.

(2) The Title IV-D Division shall maintain records of payments for all cases in which support order payments are made to the central office of the State Disbursement Unit using the statewide automated data processing and retrieval system. The Title IV-D Division shall not be required to convert and maintain records of support order payments kept by the clerk of the district court before the date that the State Disbursement Unit becomes operative or records of payments received by the clerk pursuant to section 42-369.

(3) A true copy of the record of payments, balances, and arrearages maintained by the Title IV-D Division is prima facie evidence, without further proof or foundation, of the balance of any amount of support order payments that are in arrears and of all payments made and disbursed to the person or agency to whom the support order payment is to be made. Such evidence shall be considered to be satisfactorily authenticated, shall be admitted as prima facie evidence of the transactions shown in such evidence, and is rebuttable only by a specific evidentiary showing to the contrary.

(4) A copy of support payment records maintained by the Title IV-D Division shall be considered to be a true copy of the record when certified by a person designated by the division pursuant to the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated pursuant to this section.