Nebraska Revised Statute 43-1719

Chapter 43


Employer or other payor; duty to furnish information; action to enforce.

Any employer or other payor shall respond within ten days to a written request by a county attorney, an authorized attorney, or the department for information concerning: (1) The full name of an obligor; (2) the current address of the obligor; (3) the obligor's social security number; (4) the obligor's work location; (5) the number of the obligor's claimed dependents; (6) the obligor's gross income; (7) the obligor's net income; (8) an itemized statement of deductions from the obligor's income; (9) the obligor's pay schedule; and (10) the obligor's health insurance coverage. The employer or other payor shall not be required to provide any other information. The county attorney or authorized attorney may file an action in the district court to enforce this section.