Nebraska Revised Statute 43-1718

Chapter 43


Support order; operate as assignment of income; effect; duties.

A support order shall constitute and shall operate as an assignment, to the State Disbursement Unit, of that portion of an obligor's income as will be sufficient to pay the amount ordered for child, spousal, or medical support and shall be binding on any existing or future employer or other payor of the obligor. The assignment shall take effect as provided in section 43-1718.01 or 43-1718.02 or on the date on which the payments are delinquent in an amount equal to the support due and payable for a one-month period of time, whichever is earlier. No obligor whose child support payments are automatically withheld from his or her paycheck shall be regarded or reported as being delinquent or in arrears if (1) any delinquency or arrearage is solely caused by a disparity between the schedule of the obligor's regular pay dates and the scheduled date the support is due, (2) the total amount of support to be withheld from the paychecks of the obligor and the amount ordered by the support order are the same on an annual basis, and (3) the automatic deductions for support are continuous and occurring.

An assignment shall have priority as against any attachment, execution, or other assignment unless otherwise specifically ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.

The Title IV-D Division of the Department of Health and Human Services or its designee shall be responsible for administering income withholding. In administering income withholding, the Title IV-D Division or its designee shall keep accurate records to document, track, and monitor support payments.