Nebraska Revised Statute 43-138

Chapter 43


Department or agency; acquire information in court or department records; disclosure requirements.

After being contacted by an adopted person, if no valid nonconsent form, as provided in section 43-132 or 43-143, is on file, the department or agency as the case may be shall apply to the clerk of the court which issued the adoption decree or the department for any information in the records of the court or the department regarding the adopted person or his or her relatives, including names, locations, and any birth, marriage, divorce, or death certificates. Any information which is available shall be given only to the department or agency. The department or agency shall keep such information confidential and shall not disclose it either directly or indirectly to the adopted person. The provisions of this section shall not apply to persons subject to the Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act, see section 43-1501.