Nebraska Revised Statute 43-110

Chapter 43


Decree; effect as between parties.

After a decree of adoption is entered, the usual relation of parent and child and all the rights, duties and other legal consequences of the natural relation of child and parent shall thereafter exist between such adopted child and the person or persons adopting such child and his, her or their kindred.


  • Laws 1943, c. 104, § 8, p. 351;
  • R.S.1943, § 43-110.


  • No distinction between adult and minor adoptees will be made for the purposes of this section. Satterfield v. Bonyhady, 233 Neb. 513, 446 N.W.2d 214 (1989).

  • Under the provisions of this section an adopted child, in the absence of specific testamentary directions to the contrary, inherits from the antecedents of an adoptive parent to the same extent as do the adoptive parent's natural children. In re Trust Estate of Darling, 219 Neb. 705, 365 N.W.2d 821 (1985).

  • Habeas corpus petition of natural parents for children who had been in adoptive home over five years was properly dismissed. Syrovatka ex rel. Syrovatka v. Graham, 190 Neb. 355, 208 N.W.2d 281 (1973).

  • The next of kin of adoptive parents have the same right to inherit property from an adoptive child as from a natural child of the adoptive parents. Neil v. Masterson, 187 Neb. 364, 191 N.W.2d 448 (1971).