Nebraska Revised Statute 43-104.07

Chapter 43


Child born in a foreign country; requirements.

The petition for adoption of a child born in a foreign country shall be accompanied by: (1) A document or documents from a court, official department, or government agency of the country of origin stating that the parent has consented to the adoption, stating that the parental rights of the parents of the child have been terminated, or stating that the child to be adopted has been abandoned or relinquished by the natural parents and that the child is to immigrate to the United States for the purpose of adoption; and (2) written consent to the adoption of the child from a child placement agency licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services or the agency's duly authorized representative which placed the child with the adopting person or persons. The consent shall be signed and acknowledged before an officer authorized to acknowledge deeds in the state where the consent is signed and shall not require a witness.

Any document in a foreign language shall be translated into English by the Department of State or by a translator who shall certify the accuracy of the translation.

A guardian shall not be required to be appointed to give consent to the adoption of any child born in a foreign country when the consent requirements of this section have been met.


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