Nebraska Revised Statute 42-814

Chapter 42


Petition; contents.

The petition shall:

(1) Allege that a controversy exists between the spouses and request the aid of the court to effect a reconciliation or an amicable settlement of the controversy;

(2) State the name and age of each minor child whose welfare may be affected by the controversy;

(3) State the name and address of the petitioner, or the names and addresses of the petitioners;

(4) If the petition is presented by one spouse only, name the other spouse as a respondent, and state the address of that spouse;

(5) Name as a respondent any other person who has any relation to the controversy, and state the address of the person, if known to the petitioner; and

(6) State such other information as the conciliation court may by rule require.


  • Laws 1965, c. 228, § 14, p. 659.