Nebraska Revised Statute 42-348

Chapter 42


Proceedings; where brought; transfer of proceedings; orders; how treated.

All proceedings under sections 42-347 to 42-381 shall be brought in the district court of the county in which one of the parties resides. Proceedings may be transferred to a separate juvenile court or county court sitting as a juvenile court which has acquired jurisdiction pursuant to section 43-2,113. Certified copies of orders filed with the clerk of the court pursuant to such section shall be treated in the same manner as similar orders issued by the court.


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  • Laws 1997, LB 229, § 8.


  • If one of the parties to a dissolution action has had a Nebraska domicile for the duration prescribed by section 42-349, a party may commence a dissolution action under this section in the county where one of the parties lives and is not required to commence the action in the domiciliary county of either party to the dissolution action. Huffman v. Huffman, 232 Neb. 742, 441 N.W.2d 899 (1989).

  • A district court cannot acquire jurisdiction over dissolution of marriage proceedings unless one of the parties is a resident of the county in which the court is located at the time the original petition is filed. Small v. Small, 229 Neb. 344, 427 N.W.2d 42 (1988).