Nebraska Revised Statute 39-841

Chapter 39


Boundary bridge; bonds; election result recorded; issuance; delivery.

If at any election held pursuant to section 39-838 or 39-839 the proposition to issue bonds receives the requisite number of votes for its adoption as provided in section 39-836, the county board, city council, or board of village trustees shall cause the petition, the notice of election, and the result of the vote to be recorded in the proper records of the county, city, or village. Thereupon such bonds shall be prepared and issued in accordance with the petition and notice of election and shall be signed and executed by the officers by law authorized to sign and execute bonds issued by a county, township, precinct, or village. The bonds when issued by the county board of any county shall be registered in the office of the county clerk of such county; and when issued by a city or village, they shall be registered in the office of the clerk of such city or village. After being so registered, the bonds shall be delivered to the person, firm, or corporation named in the petition upon their compliance with the terms and conditions upon which the bonds were voted.


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